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20 Self-Care Ideas for Winter

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Got cabin fever? These self-care ideas are perfect for winter! Choose between calming and energizing self-care activities for both inside and outside the home. 

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from engaging in regular self-care! Browse this list of ideas and consider adding one new self-care activity each week this winter. 

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Inside the home // Energizing:

  • Put on some upbeat music and dance around your home
  • Try a fun new fitness video
  • Clean out your closet and donate or sell clothes, shoes and accessories that no longer fit or serve you
  • Make a new soup recipe
  • Get down on the floor and play with your pets or kids

Mindful Morning Meditation

Inside the home // Calming:

  • Place a warm heating pad on your neck and shoulders and enjoy a hot mug of herbal tea
  • Crack open a journal and write 5 things you’re grateful for
  • Spend time moisturizing every inch of your body after a warm shower (bonus: send gratitude to each body part as your move along)
  • Break out the coloring supplies and draw, doodle, color or even write letters
  • Get comfy and do a guided meditation

Outside the home // Energizing:

  • Try a new class at a fitness studio
  • Layer up and go for a walk to a park, lake, river or trail and enjoy winter nature
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter, food bank or soup kitchen
  • Go to an indoor farmers market or craft market
  • Visit an animal shelter or sanctuary and socialize or volunteer with animals

Journaling on Mala Intentions

Outside the home // Calming:

  • Cozy up at a coffee shop
  • Check out a museum in your community
  • Go shopping for some new houseplants
  • Browse at your local library and check out a new fiction book
  • Get a massage

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