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What I Ate Wednesday: Apr 8, 2015

Hi all!

Today was super foggy + gloomy in Chicago.

My morning run was misty and dreary, sans beautiful skyline view.

Photo Apr 08, 6 48 47 AM

Belmont Harbor


Breakfast: green smoothie

I know, I’m boring. Get used to this.

Photo Apr 01, 7 33 53 AM


Lunch: packed from home

-Tofu scramble w/ broccoli + mushrooms
-Whole wheat toast

[The yogurt was moldy so I tossed it! It “expired” yesterday–guess those yogurt dates are for real!]

Photo Apr 08, 1 35 25 PM


Afternoon snack: rice crackers + hummus

Photo Apr 08, 7 08 53 PM

One of my favorite crunchy snacks!


Dinner: Pasta!

-Whole wheat pasta with organic pasta sauce and Beyond Meat Italian meatballs
-Sauteed asparagus

Photo Apr 08, 7 35 29 PM

I reuse these pasta sauce jars as drinking glasses! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Photo Apr 08, 7 20 31 PM (1)

These are a hot new item on the market. I love trying new products!

Photo Apr 08, 7 31 15 PM

Check out that nutrition. Bonus for sustainable palm oil!

Photo Apr 08, 7 39 23 PM

The meatballs were GREAT! Perfect texture, not too “meaty”, and wonderful flavor.



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