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What I Ate Wednesday: Sep 2, 2015

Today is a good example of thrown-together meals + snacks sans meal planning or prepping without relying on overly processed foods or carry out. Never underestimate the contents of your fridge, freezer and pantry! Meals may not be the most beautiful, gourmet or even colorful, but that’s OK! As long as the day’s eats include a variety of fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains–it’s all good.

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

I can’t seem to remember to take pictures of my smoothies, so here’s the same one with Bella 🙂

Photo Apr 29, 7 24 34 AM (1)

Morning Snack: Flax Oatmeal + Iced Green Tea

I passed up on my usual latte this morning and made some green tea at work then poured it over ice–so refreshing! It’s been unseasonably hot in Chicago and I needed something to cool me down after commuting in to the office.

Photo Sep 02, 10 03 08 AM

Lunch: Wrap, Hummus + Crackers, Applesauce

This is probably the ugliest meal ever, but it’s what I managed to pull together for a packed lunch this morning! Sprouted whole grain wrap with Tofurky slices, spinach, arugula and mustard, sesame rice crackers and hummus, and unsweetened organic applesauce. Not at all glamorous.

Photo Sep 02, 1 46 00 PM

And of course, my after-lunch sweet treat:

Photo Sep 02, 2 01 16 PM

Afternoon Snack: Banana + Peanut Butter

Need I say more? Only the most perfect snack ever.

Photo Sep 02, 5 23 02 PM

Dinner: Giant Mediterranean Salad

Again, I threw together what I had on hand. With the relentless humidity, I was in the mood for a light, refreshing dinner–and this salad hit the spot! Arugula, romaine, chickpeas, Roma tomato, baby cucumber, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt + pepper.

Photo Sep 02, 7 48 25 PM

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