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What I Ate Wednesday: Aug 5, 2015

Hi friends!

Today’s eats are packed with scrumptious farmers market goodies–this is my favorite time of year for food because it’s so easy to make every meal and snack fresh and colorful!

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Photo Apr 29, 7 24 34 AM (1)

With farmers market kale!

Lunch: Soul Bowl

Photo Aug 05, 12 00 16 PM

You guys, this bowl is AMAZING. It’s a copy cat soul bowl of the one on the Chicago Diner menu and it’s spot on! It contains tri-color quinoa, refried black beans, mashed sweet potato, sauteed kale and blackened tofu topped with delicious chimichurri sauce. I prepped these Sunday so I had tasty, filling nutritious lunches ready to grab on my way out the door this week.

The recipe for the chimichurri sauce is available in the Chicago Diner Cookbook and the blackened tofu recipe is coming to the blog soon!

Post-workout Snack: Protein Shake and Raspberries

Photo Aug 05, 3 32 37 PM

I usually work out directly before a meal, so my recovery nutrition comes from my meal, but today was different. I refueled with a pea protein shake (this kind is seriously awesome–I don’t know how it tastes so good with literally nothing in it except pea protein and vanilla but it does) and berries.

Dinner: Pesto Zucchini Noodles and Crackers with Hummus

Photo Aug 04, 6 12 40 PM Photo Aug 05, 6 10 44 PM

I’ve eaten sooo many zoodles this week–we scored 3 zucchini for $2 at the market this weekend and I’ve been eating a zoodle salad daily! They’re simple, tasty and filling.

The pesto I made with farmers market basil, toasted walnuts & pine nuts, olive oil, garlic and a little nutritional yeast. The toasted nuts add spectacular flavor.

These rosemary & olive oil sprouted barley crackers are SUPER delicious and pair perfectly with a plain hummus.


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