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What I Ate Wednesday: Jun 10, 2015

Today was my first day back after a bustling 4 days of work travel. I haven’t been able to hit the grocery store yet, so here’s a peek into a busy, ill-prepared day of meals + snacks!

Breakfast: Green Protein Smoothie

This was so refreshing + delicious after a steamy morning run. Plus I hadn’t had one in several days due to travel! Oh, and go Blackhawks!

Photo Jun 10, 7 56 00 AM

Commute Coffee Run

It was so hot and humid today, even early in the day. This is my first iced latte of the season–I usually prefer hot but couldn’t handle it today! The caffeine and coldness was a necessary way to start the workday.

Photo Jun 10, 9 38 06 AM

Morning Snack: PB+J and Strawberries

An old-school standby for when you’re low on groceries (or cash!)–the peanut butter sandwich is a win! With natural peanut butter sans added sugar and oil, 100% fruit spread, and whole wheat bread–this PB+J was nutritious and filling. The strawberries were from last week and a getting a bit funky…I only ate a couple of them.

Photo Jun 10, 10 24 18 AM

Lunch: BBQ Tofu Salad

I was out running errands and soaking up some sunshine on my lunch break and needed to grab something quick on my way back into the office. This is my first and last time trying this Protein Bar salad…definitely my least favorite of their salads! I bought a few of these Steaz teas when they were on sale, they’re super refreshing! Also my daily square of dark chocolate for good measure.

Photo Jun 10, 2 25 26 PM


Photo Jun 10, 3 02 30 PM

Afternoon Snack: Belvita Biscuits

I have a love/hate relationship with these. I love them because they are tasty and convenient, especially when I need quick energy before a workout or to satisfy a sweet tooth with a controlled portion. However, to me they are basically cookies with vitamins + minerals added in, so I don’t like how they’re marketed as a healthy breakfast.

Photo Jun 10, 4 28 52 PM

Dinner: Indian Leftovers

I was exhausted when I got home from DC last night–grocery-shopping was out of the question so I treated myself to delivery. I strategically ordered extra food so I could eat the leftovers throughout the week. This chana masala (chickpeas) and bhindi masala (okra) over basmati rice is perfect for a quick heat-and-eat dinner!

Photo Jun 10, 7 51 55 PM


For no grocery shopping or meal planning, I packed in a lot of good food today! I was pretty hungry all day and was active every chance I got. I enjoyed a pre-breakfast run, midday walk, and evening chest + triceps lifting session. Train big, eat big, they say! Looking forward to a properly fueled leg day tomorrow morning!



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