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What I Ate Wednesday: Apr 29, 2015


It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done a WIAW, so here’s a peek into what I’ve been noshing on lately. I was ravenous today! I’m not sure if it had something to do with my lunchtime workout being interval cardio + lifting rather than yoga, but I just felt like I was burning through everything super fast. And so I listened to my body!

Breakfast: Green Protein Smoothie

Surprise, surprise. While a varied, balance diet is wonderful, monotony in some areas is OK! Especially if it makes the difference between eating breakfast and not eating breakfast. For me, a high-protein breakfast loaded with fruits + veggies is what fuels my body best for the day ahead. I just don’t have the time (and I’m not willing to sacrifice pressure minutes of sleep) to make + eat a beautiful tofu scramble every morning and I love being able to drink my smoothie as I get ready.

Photo Apr 29, 7 24 34 AM (1)

I do enjoy some whole grain waffles with peanut butter and pure maple syrup, a bagel with hummus + tomatoes + cucumber, or wheat bran cereal with almond milk every once in awhile, but that’s usually on weekends or days I work from home.

If you follow me on social media, you probably noticed I visited Seattle this past weekend. And yes, I  had organic vegan donuts for breakfast 2 mornings in a row. And it was glorious. Dietitians splurge too!

Morning Snack: Latte + Good Greens Bar

I was starving by mid-morning and knew I was going to get in a long, sweaty workout over lunch so I needed to fuel properly. I had a small soy latte as well as a chocolate chunk Good Greens Bar.

Photo Apr 29, 11 14 48 AM (1)

A healthful diet is based mostly on whole plant foods and leaves room for treats and convenience foods (some people like to use the 80/20 rule). As far as bars go, these are one of the best in my book. They are the only tasty high-protein vegan bar I’ve found that isn’t loaded with overly processed ingredients and refined sugar.

Lunch: Burrito Salad Bowl

These bowls were a part of my hasty meal prep Monday night (with InstaCart-ed ingredients) since I wasn’t in town to do a nice, thorough meal planning/shopping/prepping this weekend. Being busy doesn’t have to mean healthy eating and home cooking go out the window. Prepping yourself with the knowledge and options to put together quick meals for the week helps to ensure healthy eating no matter how busy your schedule gets.

I have a major love for beans and realized I haven’t bean eating them as much as I normally do. These bowls really reignited my love for beans.

Photo Apr 29, 2 39 28 PM (1) Photo Apr 29, 2 41 06 PM (1)

Here’s how I did it:

Container 1: romaine, cilantro, and lime for squeezing
Container 2: brown rice, black beans (previously spiced up + cooked), refried beans, fajita peppers + onions
Container 3: fresh salsa + avocado

Heat up contain 2, add it to container 1, and top with container 3. Voila!

Afternoon Snack: Quinoa Chips

That burrito salad bowl didn’t hold me over for long after my workout. I noshed on these high-protein (9 grams per serving!) quinoa chips late in the afternoon.

Photo Apr 29, 3 58 37 PM (1)

Dinner: Whole Foods

Sometimes it’s tough to work in time for friends when we all have incredibly busy schedules, so I like to combine friend time with other activities–the most common of which is dinner (and if you ask me to go on a lake run with you, I will never turn you down). Instead of going out to eat at a restaurant like we normally do, we hit Whole Foods for some noshing, sipping, and shopping!

I had a slice of pizza with whole grain crust, veggies, and vegan mozzarella along with two different types of tasty beets (with leftovers for tomorrow!) and a few pieces of delicious buffalo “chicken” (WF used Beyond Meat strips to make these scrumptious  morsels). And a local IPA for good measure.

Photo Apr 29, 7 54 25 PM (1)

On our way out we stopped by the gelato bar and got these cute little mini cups of chocolate sorbet! It was soooo tasty. Sorbet is great non-dairy frozen treat option, and the chocolate is so yummy you forget there’s nothing creamy in it!

Photo Apr 29, 9 02 51 PM (1)

So all in all that was a great food day! Lots of colorful, nutritious foods and a couple treats as well. 🙂



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