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What I Ate Wednesday: Mar 18, 2015

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

I think it’s funny when people say “so you’re vegan…do you just eat a bunch of salads?” because I really don’t eat that much salad. BUT I happen to be really craving them lately and I ate 2 salads today. Don’t worry, I balanced them out with some vegan deep dish pizza! 😉


My Green Breakfast Smoothie (same as my last WIAW) was just what I needed to refuel after a fasted cardio session at spinning this morning! Nutrient powerhouse.

I grabbed a decaf soy latte before my first meeting this morning–brrrr is it time for iced coffee yet or what? I’m so over these chilly temps this week!


I ran to Ashtanga yoga over my lunch break and then ate my lunch at my desk (I know eating at your desk is bad, but I say it’s acceptable if you use your break to do something active!).

I packed a salad including romaine, dino kale, cucumbers, carrots, and tofu and used up the last of the spicy peanut vinaigrette (used in that delicious Asian-style slaw from last week).

I also packed up some black bean soup with a homemade corn muffin. And a peach soy yogurt!

Photo Mar 18, 1 32 28 PM


I had a slice of vegan deep dish pizza (say what?) and a healthy helping of a loaded kale salad.

This dinner is compliments of Kitchen 17, a vegan cafe with handmade seitan and incredibly delicious daily specials. The deep dish has homemade seitan sausage + pepperoni in it, wooeee!

Photo Mar 18, 5 50 49 PM Photo Mar 18, 5 50 56 PM