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Weight Stigma in Health Care

Weight stigma, also known as weight bias, is the discrimination, stereotyping, and social exclusion based on a person’s weight. Fat people experience prejudice, verbal harassment, and poor treatment within a multitude of settings. Weight stigma shows up in school, at work, in public spaces, at home ... READ the POST

Fatphobia in the Vegan Movement

I’m so excited to share this post with you! It’s based on an interview I did with Chelsea Lincoln of Fat Vegan Voice, who has been a vegan fat activist for over 20 years! As a straight-sized person, I want to include voices of those with lived experience as fat people in the animal rights world. ... READ the POST

What is Weight Stigma?

Time for some serious real-talk about a sensitive topic today, folks! I recently received some nasty troll comments on social media when I shared this: These comments were from people who weren’t following me and they were downright horrendous. If you think fatphobia isn’t a “real” problem, ... READ the POST