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Vegan on Kauai

We spent the second half of our honeymoon on Kauai, Hawaii. After five nights on Maui and enjoying the beautiful beaches there, I was so pumped to see Kauai and all its lush beauty I had been hearing about. We found the food to be better than on Maui and the restaurants to be much more ... READ the POST

Vegan on Maui

Today is our one-month wedding anniversary! Boy does time fly (especially on the wedding day...that was the fastest day of my life). The dust has settled and we're pretty much back into our "normal" routines again. And going through honeymoon photos! We decided to start our honeymoon by relaxing ... READ the POST

Vegan in Paris

At last, I'm sharing my favorite vegan eats from my trip to Paris last month! While French food is not very vegan-friendly and you can't roll into a corner cafe and expect to find vegan options, there are loads of vegan and vegan-friendly eateries in Paris. We stuck mostly to these places and ... READ the POST

Oregon Backpacking & Food Adventures

Lengthy post alert! Many photos and tales from the trail lie ahead. Unfortunately I've experienced quite a few technical difficulties getting the photos to load to this post -- oh the joys of being a blogger! Alas, it's finally up! This trip has been the highlight of my summer and I already can't ... READ the POST

Healthy Vegan Travel Snacks

I write this as I pack for a weekend trip, with a variety of snacks laid out nicely on the counter, ready to be packed away into my carry-on. If only I had done this for another recent trip during which I was unexpectedly stuck at the airport for 17 hours sans good dining options. Lesson learned: ... READ the POST