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5 Ways to Maintain Mindfulness Over the Holidays

Happy holidays, lovely people! There’s no disputing the fact that the holiday season brings extra stress, tasks, financial burdens and potentially triggering situations. It can be an especially tough time if you have lost a loved one or have complicated family dynamics. And so many of us know the ... READ the POST

Intuitive Eating for Busy Professionals

Have you ever read those flowery self-care posts that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and then think about how it’s not at all compatible with your lifestyle so why even try? In order for self-care and intuitive eating to be effective, they have to be realistic and sustainable. The beauty of both ... READ the POST

You Don’t Need to Change Your Body for Your Wedding

I recently got engaged (yay!) and while I don’t subscribe to mainstream bridal propaganda (AKA Big Bridal) , I’m more than aware of the pressure brides-to-be endure when it comes to how they should look. From “sweating for the wedding” to “bridal boot camps,” cleanses, detoxes, weight loss programs, ... READ the POST