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My Ongoing Intuitive Movement Journey

Learning to resist fitness culture after being immersed for it in years (and continuing to be surrounded by it by virtue of the world we live in) is hard work. I’ve gotten way better at it over the past couple years but I am not perfect and it’s still a work in progress. Today I’m sharing an update ... READ the POST

Why You Should Separate Exercise From Your Appearance

You know how some people are scared of intuitive eating and giving themselves unconditional permission to eat because they think they’ll overeat previously forbidden foods and never eat fruits and vegetables? I find the same fear exists in people regarding intuitive movement. Some people are afraid ... READ the POST

How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Exercise

So you’ve worked on your relationship with food, now what about exercise? Do you treat exercise like a dreaded chore? Do you only work out to change your body? Are you stressed out or ashamed if you miss a scheduled workout? If you’re not actually enjoying the kind of movement you choose to engage ... READ the POST

My Journey to Intuitive Movement

Looking back, I recognize a period in my life when I had an unhealthy relationship with exercise – and of course, this correlated with a time I felt I needed to change my body. I was juicing and counting calories. I was waking up to work out in my bedroom before school and heading to the gym in the ... READ the POST