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4 Things That Happen When You Ditch Dieting

I'm so delighted to bring you another brilliant guest post from a registered dietitian nutritionist. Glenys is the author of the blog Dare Not To Diet and I am so pumped to bring her compassionate real-talk about dieting to Whole Green Wellness! I talk a lot about why dieting is not a smart move and ... READ the POST

Why it’s OK to Keep Chocolate in the House

Let’s get real about one of the most vilified types of foods: sweets. The biggest issue I see my clients (and family and friends) struggle with when it comes to their relationship with food boils down to food freedom. At the root of this issue is passing judgment on foods. Such as, kale is “good” ... READ the POST

4 Steps Toward Body Positivity

In a radical shift against the diet culture we’ve been raised in that fuels self-loathing, the body positive movement is gaining momentum with no slowing down in sight. We’ve been taught both directly and indirectly that we must look a certain way, a way which only 5% of the female population ... READ the POST