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How Does Alcohol Fit into Intuitive Eating?

Have you ever wondered how alcohol fits into intuitive eating? You’re not alone. Alcohol isn’t biologically necessary like food and it can be abused. Alcohol can also be a fun and pleasurable part of a perfectly balanced lifestyle. So do the ten principles of intuitive eating apply to booze? Let’s ... READ the POST

How to Balance Ethics and Intuitive Eating

This is a topic that is especially near and dear to me as I’ve been an ethical vegan for over a decade and am passionate about embracing intuitive eating and fighting back against diet culture. But isn’t veganism restrictive? Doesn’t that go against the principles of intuitive eating? How can you ... READ the POST

How to Discover the Satisfaction and Joy of Eating

Eating is about more than hunger and fullness. It’s about more than nutrition. Not only is it OK to actually enjoy and receive pleasure from eating, it’s a good thing! So many people feel ashamed when they enjoy eating. They think, “If it’s not green and I don’t hate it, then it can’t be healthy ... READ the POST

How to Respect Your Fullness

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading the How to Honor Your Hunger post before reading this one. Respecting your fullness is intuitive eating principle 5 of 10. It’s all about tuning in with your body while eating and listening to those signals that are saying “I’ve had enough to ... READ the POST

Introduction to Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size®

If you're confused on what exactly "intuitive eating," "mindful eating," and "health at every size" mean and want to learn more, you're in the right place. Below is a quick intro to these approaches along with lots of links to helpful resources. My practice is grounded in these approaches which are ... READ the POST

How to Honor Your Hunger

When you hear “intuitive eating,” what do you think? For a lot of people, they think about eating when they’re hungry and giving their body what it wants. But what if you don’t know what hunger feels like? And you can't tell what your body wants? Unfortunately, this is the case for far too many ... READ the POST

What it Means to be a Non-Diet Dietitian

When you think of a dietitian, your mind might jump to diets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “So, you do meals plans?” when someone finds out what I do. Well, believe it or not, my 6 years of university and 1200+ hours of supervised practice to become a dietitian were not all about ... READ the POST

Intuitive Eating for Busy Professionals

Have you ever read those flowery self-care posts that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and then think about how it’s not at all compatible with your lifestyle so why even try? In order for self-care and intuitive eating to be effective, they have to be realistic and sustainable. The beauty of ... READ the POST

23 Satisfying Snack Ideas

If you’re one of those people who three square meals a day does not satisfy, join the club. I also am a member of the “don’t go anywhere without a snack and water” club. Always gotta be prepared, right? I don’t know what I’d do without my mid-morning snack (be extremely hungry, grumpy, tired and ... READ the POST

How to Eat Intuitively on a Budget

You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. And if you’ve given up the diet mentality, you feel no shame about doing just that. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the ability to eat your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant as often as you might like. And it doesn’t mean that ... READ the POST

What Is Mindful Eating?

Are you confused about what “mindful eating” means? You’re not alone. Googling the term turns up loads of interpretations and advice. And unfortunately, the term has been used by those promoting dieting and weight loss. The official definition of mindful eating The Center For Mindful Eating is a ... READ the POST

What to Focus on Instead of Weight Loss

Did you know the vast majority of those who intentionally lose weight gain it all back? And many gain back more weight than they lost. In fact, dieting is associated with weight gain over time. And that’s not all, there are serious side effects associated with weight loss attempts. So if you’re not ... READ the POST

6 Common Questions about Intuitive Eating

This post contains affiliate links to resources I recommend. This means if you click one of these links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this blog! Ask and you shall receive! I put a call out on social media to answer your ... READ the POST

Veganism is Not a Diet

All foods fit. Unconditional permission to eat. Food freedom. No foods off limits. Sound familiar? These are the mantras of the anti-diet world and they totally rock. But how does veganism fit into that?   Veganism is not a diet. Veganism is a lifestyle based on ethics and the ... READ the POST

Intuitive Eating is Not a Hunger/Fullness Diet

Is it wrong to eat when you’re not physically hungry?  Did you fail if you ate so much that you feel too full?  Are you a bad planner if you went too hungry between meals?  No, no and no. Because we’re so used to diet culture, sometimes it’s easier to translate the concepts of intuitive ... READ the POST