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What is Diet Culture?

Diets are out and “lifestyle changes” are in. But you still might find yourself falling prey to diet culture. Many diets are masquerading as a “healthy lifestyle” and they’re still doing damage. Which is even more treacherous because these programs are promoting dieting under the guise of promoting ... READ the POST

No Added Sugar Challenge

No added sugar? During the holidays? Are you crazy? My office just completed our first physical activity challenge. I was a founding member of our wellness committee and this was our pilot wellness challenge with an extremely limited budget. The challenge ran for eight weeks and participants ... READ the POST

Happy Heart Month!

  Valentine's Day isn't the only reason you see hearts everywhere this month--February is American Heart Month! Good nutrition and lifestyle can go a long way in preventing heart disease, which happens to be the top killer of women in the United States. Here are the top 4 ways to ... READ the POST