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150 Size-Inclusive Instagram Accounts to Follow

The only detox you should be doing is a social media detox! Unfollow all those “thinspo” and “fitspo” accounts and fill your feed with these body-positive Instagram accounts.  With all the time we spend on social media these days, who we follow can have a significant impact on how we view ... READ the POST

What is Weight Stigma?

Time for some serious real-talk about a sensitive topic today, folks! I recently received some nasty troll comments on social media when I shared this: These comments were from people who weren’t following me and they were downright horrendous. If you think fatphobia isn’t a “real” problem, ... READ the POST

What to Focus on Instead of Weight Loss

Did you know the vast majority of those who intentionally lose weight gain it all back? And many gain back more weight than they lost. In fact, dieting is associated with weight gain over time. And that’s not all, there are serious side effects associated with weight loss attempts. So if you’re not ... READ the POST

6 Common Questions about Intuitive Eating

Ask and you shall receive! I put a call out on social media to answer your intuitive eating questions and here’s what you wanted to know. I think this format is super fun and it helps you get the content you're looking for! This is a pretty packed post — I felt like I could write a post for each ... READ the POST