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Vegan Mushroom Recipes

mushrooms in a bowl



September is National Mushroom Month and to bid adieu, I am throwing six spectacular recipes at you that feature mushrooms! The world of mushrooms is quite vast—there are literally thousands of varieties of mushrooms. Varying in size, shape, color, flavor and texture, these versatile fungi offer rich umami flavor to any meal of the day. One cup of diced portabella offers up 313 mg (9% of the daily value) of potassium and 3.9 mg (20% of the daily value) of niacin, all for under 20 calories!

Vegan Biscuits and Gravy via Minimalist Baker


Other than tofu scramble, mushroom gravy is a fantastic way to incorporate mushrooms into your breakfast menu! Because the umami flavor of mushrooms imparts a “meaty” flavor, they are a perfect (and low-calorie) base for gravy. The aroma of garlic, onion and mushroom sautéing in olive oil will be sure to awaken your senses to enjoy this hearty breakfast, perfect for cool fall mornings!

Shiitake Bacon via Olives for Dinner


Speaking of breakfast and “meaty” flavors, check out this shiitake bacon recipe! Genius! Unlike some shiitake bacon recipes (yes, this is a thing and vegans will try to make “bacon” out of any plant), this recipe does not require a dehydrator. Add these crunchy explosions of flavor to your breakfast scramble, avocado toast, lunch salad or even top your dinner with them!

Portabella Mushrooms Stuffed with Herbed Chickpeas via Vegan Richa


OK, we just took stuffed mushrooms to the next level—and made them more nutritious thanks to the added protein and fiber from chickpeas, cashews and veggies in this recipe! Smoked paprika and a savory herb blend provide this dish with bold flavor. Bonus, you can use the stuffing for other fun things, like packing into a wrap or even topping a pizza!

Cream of Mushroom Soup via The Veg Life


Fall is officially here and with it comes hearty home cooking. This creamy soup brings all the warmth and flavor and minimizes the extra fat, sodium and calories that often accompany fall comfort foods. Ready in about 30 minutes, you can whip up a bowl of comfort any night of the week with this flavor-packed soup!

Chickpea Battered Mushrooms with Spicy Agave Mustard via The Plant Strong Vegan


One thing people like to do with mushrooms is batter them and then deep fry them. Perhaps delicious but far from healthy. This oven-baked plant strong twist on the fried mushroom involves garbanzo bean flour batter and is so simple you will want to make them for all of your holiday parties!

Mushroom Burgers with Asian Slaw via Sprouted Kitchen


This list would be far from complete without a portabella burger recipe! To kick it up a notch in flavor, color, crunch and nutrition, these burgers are topped with a tasty veggie slaw including cucumber, carrot and fresh herbs.


Did you make any of these recipes? What did you think of them?

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate mushrooms into a healthful diet?


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