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5 Plastic-Free Swaps for the Bathroom

Plastic Free Alternatives for the Bathroom

Want to reduce single-use plastic? Try starting in the bathroom! Think of all the plastic waste that comes out of your bathroom: packaging, bottles and more. Many wind up in the landfill or polluting the ocean. Even if you recycle, that plastic can only be reused one or two more times. Not to mention the petroleum and resources that went into producing it in the first place.

Did you know there are loads of alternatives that use little to no plastic? Including packaging made from reusable materials (metal and glass) and compostable materials (cardboard and bamboo). My bathroom is nowhere near entirely plastic-free but making these changes over the past few years has drastically cut the amount of plastic I’m sending to the landfill from my bathroom!

Plastic Free Swaps for the Bathroom

Safety Razor

Do you shave? If so, put a safety razor at the top of your list. These high-quality metal razors will last a lifetime and significantly reduce your bathroom plastic waste if you’re using disposable razors or plastic cartridges. 

Safety razors consist of a metal handle, head and blade. You replace the metal blade as needed and can save them up and recycle them! No plastic involved. It can be a little scary at first but just go slow and don’t press very hard. It turned out to be way easier than less scary than I thought!

Bamboo Toothbrush

A long time ago I switched from a fully disposable plastic toothbrush to a recycled plastic handle that had replaceable bristles. So I significantly cut down on my toothbrush waste but I was still buying and tossing those plastic heads all the time. 

Bamboo is a very sustainable material and while the bristles usually contain nylon and must be tossed, you can pull them out with pliers and compost the bamboo handle. (Use code TAYLORWOLFRAMRD to get 10% off a bamboo toothbrush from Natural Vegan Club!)

Plant-Based Loofah

I switched from a recycled plastic loofah to a washcloth awhile ago and it suits my needs but if you feel like you just need something to scrub with, try a sustainable plant-based loofah! 

I love this natural loofah that is cultivated from the Luffa sponge gourd plant! Instead of going to a landfill, this little scrubber can be composted. Not to mention the company who makes them is entirely vegan and zero-waste! (Use code TAYLORWOLFRAMRD to get 10% off a natural loofah from Natural Vegan Club!)

Plastic-Free Toilet Paper

Even though you may be using recycled toilet paper, it’s likely still packaged in plastic. There’s where Who Gives a Crap comes in! Their sustainable rolls come individually wrapped in (super cute) paper and packed loose in a cardboard box delivered to your doorstep – no plastic involved!

They have 100% recycled as well as luxurious bamboo options and you can sign up for subscriptions. The best part? They donate 50% of their profits and help build toilets in communities in need!

Refillable Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion

This one can make a huge difference. If you aren’t into bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner but really want to decrease your environmental impact with liquid options, Plaine Products is the way to go!

Their natural, vegan products come in stainless steel bottles and when you run out, you can send your clean bottle back and they will refill it! You can sign up for a subscription so that your refills come before you run out. You just switch your pump from our old bottle to your new bottle and send back your empties in the box they send you with their prepaid shipping label! (Use code TAYLORWOLFRAMRD for 15% off your order from Plaine Products!)

Refillable Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion

These are just a handful of ways to reduce single-use plastic waste coming from your bathroom. Small changes add up for big impact so even if you can’t make all these swaps today, do what you can and add on more later! Think of where most of your plastic waste comes from and start there. There’s no such thing as perfection and we’re all in this together, doing our best to preserve our beautiful planet. 

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