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The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

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This vegan gift guide contains affiliate links which means if you click on one and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This post is also partially sponsored by Mad Hippie and Cacao Tea. Thank you for supporting this blog!


If you’re the gift-giving type and want to give vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly gifts, this vegan gift guide is for you! It includes a wide variety of items and is broken down into categories. Many of the items have exclusive discount codes so be sure to use the links in this guide to access the special deals!

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For the Foodie

Who doesn’t have a friend or family member who loves to cook? Make their culinary creations even better with these services and top-notch kitchen tools and gadgets!

Imperfect Produce

Send your loved one “perfectly imperfect” fruits, veggies and more with Imperfect Produce! Help reduce food waste by subscribing to this eco-friendly grocery-delivery service. They currently serve 25 cities and are adding more all the time! Click here to get $10 off. 

Cast iron pan

I use my cast iron pan almost every single day and it’s my go-to pan for cooking just about everything! Cast iron pans last forever and can be passed down for future generations! Even better: they get better with age. Make sure to season well and take care of it and it will last you a lifetime (and beyond). Bonus: you can up your iron intake by using cast iron!

Shun Chef’s Knife

For the best-of-the-best in kitchen knives, look to Shun. These knives are the highest quality and will last forever. I accidentally damaged one (note: do not attempt to stab a giant block of baking chocolate) and we mailed it to Shun and they fixed it up and sent it back, free of charge! 

Tofu Press

The perfect vegan gift! This tofu press squeezes the water out of tofu which prevents paper towel waste from manually pressing tofu. It comes in handy when making this crowd-pleasing Nooch Tofu!

Instant Pot

I was late to the Instant Pot game but I’m glad I got one because it saves SO much time! Vegetarians and vegans usually eat a lot of grains and legumes and an Instant Pot is the perfect companion. Cook up staples in a fraction of the time (perfect for batch cooking) and get rid of your rice cooker and slow cooker because the Instant Pot can do it all! 

Instant Pot Cookbooks:

For the Drink Lover

Making coffee and tea drinks at home is way more affordable than going to a cafe every day. And it’s more eco-friendly! Consider gifting the drink lovers in your life these fun drinks and drink gadgets. 

Bag of Cacao Tea, with tea spilling out onto white background

Cacao Tea 

Treat your loved ones to this unique tea! It’s made using the husks of cacao beans, therefore reducing waste. It has a delicious chocolatey taste and is perfect for anyone who loves chocolate or tea! Drink it “black” or doctor it up with sugar and milk. Click here to get 15% off through December 27, 2019!

Green tin of Four Sigmatic mushroom matcha drink mixMushroom Matcha

For those who don’t love coffee but still want a little energy, gift organic, ceremonial-grade matcha green tea! I love making it with boiling water and then adding hot, frothed soy milk (see milk frother below). Click here and use discount code TAYLORWOLFRAMRD to get 10% off. 

Milk frother

Create foamed milk for espresso and matcha lattes without having to invest in a milk steamer! This little frother is lightweight, stores away easily in a cabinet and is super easy to use.  

Mug Warmer

This is a little gadget I use every single day on my desk! It keeps my tea and coffee toasty hot while I work. I’ve had mine for many years and it still works great. There are a variety of options in different styles and at different price points. 

For the Fashionista

It’s tough to buy clothes for people given how much sizes and styles vary. Which is why e-gift cards are the perfect gift idea for the fashion lovers in your life! 


Help reduce waste in the fashion industry by buying secondhand! ThredUP is a HUGE online thrift store with options for women and kids. They even have designer pieces! Your gift card recipient can buy pieces individually or sign up for their stylist-curated Goody Boxes and get a personalized set of clothing items to choose from. Perfect for those on a budget and looking to make their wardrobe more eco-friendly. Click here to get $10 off!


Give the gift of sustainable basics with Pact! They have options for women, men and kids. I love their v-neck t-shirts, camisoles, underwear and socks. They also have leggings, sweatpants, hoodies and more! And they recently added bedding and towels. Pact uses organic cotton, is Fair Trade Factory Certified, uses processes that use significantly less water than conventional cotton and they don’t use any harmful chemicals. Click here to get 20% off!


For comfy yet stylish footwear, look to Rothy’s! I personally love their point flats and slip-on sneakers. Perfect for office workers, commuters and more. They’re made from recycled plastic water bottles and are washable! That’s right – when they get dirty or stinky, just toss them in the washer. They hold up extremely well to lots of walking and washing! Click here to get $20 off. 

For the Yogi

Help your yoga-loving friends and family deepen their practice with these goodies!

Smiling girl sitting in meditation space wearing grey sports bra and leggings with mala beads around her neck

Girlfriend Collective 

Comfort and style intersect with Girlfriend Collective leggings and bras. This brand is size-inclusive and eco-friendly. Their pieces are made from recycled water bottles, with OEKO-certified safe dyes, in SA8000 certified factories. Click here to get $10 off!

Tree Tribe Water Bottle

Lightweight and durable, this stainless steel water bottle is perfect for the yoga studio, gym, car, home, office and on-the-go. And, for every purchase, they plant a tree! Click here to use discount code WHOLEGREEN10 to get 10% off.

Yoga Sutras of Patajali

Encourage your yoga-loving friends and family to learn more about the origins of this ancient practice with this comprehensive guide book. 

I Am Intuitive Mala on Meditation Altar

Mala Beads

Beautiful and useful, malas are prayer beads that can be used to count breaths and mantras during meditations. Mala Collective has a wide variety of beautiful malas made of gemstones and wood, handmade by female artisans throughout Asia, using traditional techniques. Click here and use code taylorxmala to get 20% off.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy can take a yoga practice to the next level. This affordable diffuser is the perfect addition to a home yoga or meditation space. 

For the Natural Beauty Lover

Have someone who loves body and skin care products? Below are my all-time favorite products that are vegan, eco-friendly and effective!

Refillable Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body LotionPlaine Products

Get your loved one a set of Plaine Products and watch their eyes light up! Plaine Products makes natural, vegan, cruelty-free and zero-waste shampoo, condition, body wash, lotion and more. They have a really cool model: The products come in metal bottles, which you can send back once empty, and they’ll refill them for you! Consider gifting a travel size set so your recipient and try all the different products. Click here and use code TAYLORWOLFRAMRD to get 15% off. 

Bottles on wood background : Natural Vegan Club | Habitat Botanicals - 100% Vegan, Zero-Waste Hair and Body Care

Natural Vegan Club

Here’s another vegan zero-waste body care company! I love their deodorant, lip balm and soap bars. All the packaging is compostable. Order their “everything bundle” for the perfect vegan gift! Click here and use code TAYLORWOLFRAMRD to get 10% off. P.S. They’re rebranding from Natural Vegan Products to Habitat Botanicals, so you may see both names – it’s the same company!

Bottles of Mad Hippie skin care products on white background

Mad Hippie 

For those who like to spoil their skin, check out Mad Hippie’s cleansers, serums, oils and moisturizers loaded with plant-based goodness. Their products are all vegan and smell amazing! I love that most of them come in glass bottles. They also have cosmetics in eco-friendly packaging.


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For the Techie

We all know that person who’s always on their phone. Make their mobile experience more enjoyable (and eco-friendly) with these gifts!

Pela case

These phone cases are compostable! So cool, right?! They come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. They also created the world’s first zero-waste liquid screen protector. I’ve had my Pela case for years (and have dropped my phone countless times…) and it’s still holding up great! Click here to get $10 off.

Headspace App

If you’re going to be on your phone all the time, you might as well be using it for something good! The Headspace app was a game changer for me. It’s an app with loads of meditations from short to long, for a variety of purposes (i.e. stress & anxiety, work & productivity, kids & parenting, etc.). I especially love their “sleepcasts” – sleep stories that you put on to help you fall asleep. Gift someone a month of Headspace and help them boost their mental well-being!

Portable Charger

A necessity for travel, long events and other situations where you won’t have access to an outlet. Portable chargers keep your phone alive on-the-go! Perfect gift for anyone with a phone… so, basically everyone. 

For the Book Lover

Some people like podcasts, some people like YouTube and some like good old fashioned books! Here are my top book recommendations.

Intuitive Eating and Vegan and Sustainability Books

Vegan for Life

For anyone who is vegan or vegan-curious, this nutrition book is written by two vegan registered dietitians and is my top vegan nutrition book recommendation! It provides evidence-based, easy-to-understand information and tells you exactly how to get the nutrients you need from vegan foods and supplements. 

Give a Sh*t

Perfect for eco-minded friends and family, this handy guide is LOADED with helpful tips and strategies for living a more earth-friendly life. It’s a super fun read and a great coffee table book.

Body Kindness

Another great coffee table book, this resource is as beautiful as it is educational. Empower loved ones to take care of themselves with this non-shaming, inclusive guide to building healthy habits that last – without dieting.


Who says you have to give a physical item as a gift? I often put my favorite charities and organizations on my wishlists! Know a cause a loved one is passionate about? Find an organization doing good work in that area and make a donation to them in their name. 

Here are some of my favorite charitable organizations:

I think it’s great to donate to local animal shelters and sanctuaries who may have a much more limited donation base than well-known or national organizations. See who’s in your area! A donation to a farm animal sanctuary would be a lovely vegan gift.

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