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6 Reasons to Drink More Water

How many little "ailments" do you experience that can't be improved by taking a few deeps breaths and drinking a nice tall glass of water? I'm not claiming water is a miracle cure-all, but staying hydrated can help optimize our day-to-day functioning. Here are a few of the incredible powers of ... READ the POST

What I Ate Wednesday: Apr 8, 2015

Hi all! Today was super foggy + gloomy in Chicago. My morning run was misty and dreary, sans beautiful skyline view.   Breakfast: green smoothie I know, I'm boring. Get used to this.   Lunch: packed from home -Tofu scramble w/ broccoli + mushrooms -Whole ... READ the POST

How to Build Strong Bones

Today is the last day of National Nutrition Month, and I'd like to touch base on a potentially confusing topic: bone health. What's the first thing you think of when you think of strong bones? If it's milk, you're not alone. In fact, billions of dollars have been spent to achieve exactly ... READ the POST

How I Fell in Love with Yoga

Happy Friday and  Happy First Day of SPRING! This was my second winter in Chicago and it felt way harsher than last winter, even though technically it wasn't. My theory is that I hadn't yet experienced the glory of summer in Chicago when I first moved here in November 2013, so winter was all I ... READ the POST

What I Ate Wednesday: Mar 18, 2015

Happy Hump Day, everyone! I think it's funny when people say "so you're you just eat a bunch of salads?" because I really don't eat that much salad. BUT I happen to be really craving them lately and I ate 2 salads today. Don't worry, I balanced them out with some vegan deep dish pizza! ... READ the POST

Food-spirations: Easy Asian-inspired Slaw

I'm not typing this up as a recipe because sometimes we just don't want to follow recipes. This is more along the lines of food-spiration. I am a pretty right-brained, science-nerd, analytical type of person. I often don't find myself possessing the creativity that others have when it comes to ... READ the POST