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4 Reasons to Include Nuts in Your Diet

There is a lot of conflicting messaging about nuts—eat them, don’t eat them, they’ll make you gain weight, they’ll help you lose weight, they’ll give you heart disease, they’ll cure your heart disease, and so on. Unfortunately this is nothing new when it comes to the consumer world of nutrition ... READ the POST

What I Ate Wednesday: Sep 2, 2015

Today is a good example of thrown-together meals + snacks sans meal planning or prepping without relying on overly processed foods or carry out. Never underestimate the contents of your fridge, freezer and pantry! Meals may not be the most beautiful, gourmet or even colorful, but that's OK! As long ... READ the POST

Recipes for National Peach Month

  Did you know August is National Peach Month? Be sure to pick up ripe, juicy peaches at the farmers market this weekend and try out one or a few of these recipes! Peaches are a stone fruit native to China and are in season in the U.S. from May through October. To find the best peach, ... READ the POST

How to Have a Social Life and Still Be Fit and Healthy

  It's my honor to introduce fellow dietitian Ginger Hultin as the first guest to post on Whole Green Wellness! As important as colorful nutrition, regular exercise and mindfulness are for health and well-being, so is letting loose and having fun! Ginger's "Champagne" way of life is proof ... READ the POST

Goes-With-Everything Peanut Sauce

Maybe it's due to my love of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, or maybe it's because I crave peanut butter on a daily basis--for whatever reason, peanut sauce is a common ingredient in my cooking. It's become a favorite salad dressing of mine and is perfect for tofu and a dipping sauce for spring rolls. ... READ the POST

What I Ate Wednesday: Aug 5, 2015

Hi friends! Today's eats are packed with scrumptious farmers market goodies--this is my favorite time of year for food because it's so easy to make every meal and snack fresh and colorful! Breakfast: Green Smoothie With farmers market kale! Lunch: Soul Bowl You guys, this bowl ... READ the POST