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8 Strategies for an Anti-Diet New Year

Tune out the noise of New Year dieting and weight loss programs with these 10 tips! Imagine a January without food rules, an extreme exercise regimen or weigh-ins. You can honor your health and care for your whole self without dieting or trying to change your body! Many people feel a sense of ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Connect your Culture and Veganism

  This post was written by Jessica Steinbach, MPH, RD. Jessica is an associate dietitian at Taylor Wolfram LLC and specializes in eating disorder recovery. Learn more about Jessica here! Veganism can contribute to personal connections with yourself and others but how do you navigate ... READ the POST

Guide to Anti-Diet Vegan Meal Prep

When you think "meal prep" does something specific come to mind? The truth is meal prep just means preparing food ahead of time. There are no rules about what that needs to look like! You don't have to: Prep a week's worth of food at once Use fancy matching containers Measure your ... READ the POST