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7 Reasons Why “Eating Regularly” Is a Good Idea

Have you ever heard the recommendation to eat every 3 to 4 hours? There are several reasons why registered dietitians endorse this. Dieting, fasting and ignoring hunger are not health-promoting behaviors. Eating regularly is important for both physical and mental health! When it comes to ... READ the POST

How Not to Turn Veganuary into a Diet

Shift a month-long challenge into a lifelong commitment to compassion! Veganuary is a 31-day challenge to “try vegan” for the month of January and beyond. The focus is on a plant-based diet and the vision is a vegan world without animal farming or slaughterhouses. More than a month-long ... READ the POST

What is a “Balanced Meal” and Why Does it Matter?

A common topic in nutrition is the concept of balanced meals. But what does that even mean and why is it so important? If your first thought upon seeing the title of this post is “borrrrrrrrring,” I totally get it! And, something I tell my clients often, is that sound nutrition guidance is kind ... READ the POST

5 Reasons to Love Soy + Tasty Ways to Eat Soy Foods

As a registered dietitian, as a vegan, and as a human who eats food, I love soy! If you’re unfamiliar with soy foods or have heard confusing information about them, you’re not alone. Some folks didn’t grow up eating soy foods (myself included) and fear the unknown, while others have been misled by ... READ the POST