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What is a “Balanced Meal” and Why Does it Matter?

A common topic in nutrition is the concept of balanced meals. But what does that even mean and why is it so important? If your first thought upon seeing the title of this post is “borrrrrrrrring,” I totally get it! And, something I tell my clients often, is that sound nutrition guidance is kind ... READ the POST

5 Reasons to Love Soy + Tasty Ways to Eat Soy Foods

As a registered dietitian, as a vegan, and as a human who eats food, I love soy! If you’re unfamiliar with soy foods or have heard confusing information about them, you’re not alone. Some folks didn’t grow up eating soy foods (myself included) and fear the unknown, while others have been misled by ... READ the POST

Business Boundaries as a Working Mom

Ever since taking the leap out of “traditional” full-time employment into self-employment as a nutrition entrepreneur, I’ve written an annual update and reflection.  I do these as much for myself as I do for you because I’m terrible at maintaining a personal journaling routine and these posts are ... READ the POST

Fortified Foods for Vegans

Fortified foods are an easy way to help us meet our nutrient needs and even prevent some health issues! They can be especially important for vegans. However, there is some confusion and fear about fortified foods going around the internet. Read on to learn what food fortification is, why it ... READ the POST

Anti-Diet Guide to Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a common complaint I hear. Folks may believe that they’re eating to cope with emotions, often uncontrollably, and that it’s not good for them. Emotional eating doesn’t look just one way. In this blog post you’ll learn that emotional eating can come in many different ways and ... READ the POST