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How To Eat Like a Stay-at-Home Mom [when you’re really not]

Here is a guest post for you do-it-all moms out there! Jacq is a wonderful inspiration to me, both professionally and personally. We met a couple years ago at a vegan event we were both speaking at shortly after I moved to Chicago and I knew instantly that I needed to find out more about this cool ... READ the POST

Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes

  November is National Sweet Potato Month! One cup of sweet potato provides four grams of fiber and over three times the daily value of vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, helping to keep our immune systems strong as cold and flu season sneaks upon us. Whether you're swapping out ... READ the POST

Dark Hot Cocoa Recipe

    It's that time of year — the temps are dipping and sometimes a little piece of dark chocolate or cup of herbal tea after dinner doesn't quite satisfy the craving for something chocolaty and warm! While some people complain that the commercial packets of instant hot cocoa ... READ the POST

Vegan Apple Recipes

While pumpkins get all the spotlight in October, the national food of the month is actually the apple! One medium apple has under 100 calories and packs a punch of fiber--both soluble fiber (good for managing cholesterol levels) and insoluble fiber (to help keep the pipes clean)--and even some ... READ the POST

Does Working Out Undo a Day of Sitting?

This post was inspired by a conversation I overheard on the train between two young women. One of the young women was sharing with the other that it was OK for her to sit down on the train since she had worked out. This got me thinking about how many of us sit all day long, some of us engaging in ... READ the POST

DIY Single-Serving Instant Oatmeal

  This was perhaps the most fun I’ve had creating a post! I’ve brainstormed, tested and trialed countless variations of DIY single-serving oatmeal for you and here are the best of the best! These are travel-friendly DIY oatmeal recipes with all dry ingredients. Of course you could add ... READ the POST

Vegan Mushroom Recipes

    September is National Mushroom Month and to bid adieu, I am throwing six spectacular recipes at you that feature mushrooms! The world of mushrooms is quite vast—there are literally thousands of varieties of mushrooms. Varying in size, shape, color, flavor and texture, these ... READ the POST

Blackened Tofu Recipe

    This tofu is such a palate-pleaser! It is one of my way favorite ways to prepare tofu and only requires slightly more work than the typical baked or stir fried tofu. I am a huge fan of The Chicago Diner's Soul Bowl, which features blackened tofu. It's one of the tastiest, ... READ the POST

Is Soy Bad for You?

For the second guest to post for Whole Green Wellness, I introduce registered dietitian nutritionist turned physician assistant Carolyn Tampe! Carolyn is also a certified diabetes educator and plant-based nutrition expert. She has given many talks on vegan nutrition and soy and sticks ... READ the POST

4 Reasons to Include Nuts in Your Diet

There is a lot of conflicting messaging about nuts—eat them, don’t eat them, they’ll make you gain weight, they’ll help you lose weight, they’ll give you heart disease, they’ll cure your heart disease, and so on. Unfortunately this is nothing new when it comes to the consumer world of nutrition ... READ the POST

Recipes for National Peach Month

    Did you know August is National Peach Month? Be sure to pick up ripe, juicy peaches at the farmers market this weekend and try out one or a few of these recipes! Peaches are a stone fruit native to China and are in season in the U.S. from May through October. To find the ... READ the POST

How to Have a Social Life and Still Be Fit and Healthy

  It's my honor to introduce fellow dietitian Ginger Hultin as the first guest to post on Whole Green Wellness! As important as colorful nutrition, regular exercise and mindfulness are for health and well-being, so is letting loose and having fun! Ginger's "Champagne" way of life is proof ... READ the POST

Fresh Cucumber Tomato Salad

      Is there anything better than fresh summer produce? These tomatoes, cucumbers and onions came straight from the garden of a generous family member and I put them right to use. The ingredients amounts do not need to be adhered to strictly--use this recipe as ... READ the POST

Eating Vegan in Washington, D.C.

This is a long-overdue post sharing the excellent vegan food I had during two back-to-back trips to Washington, D.C. in June. The first trip was my very first experience in D.C., for leisure (chasing a concert) and finally getting a peek at the Declaration of Independence. The second trip was ... READ the POST