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Guide to Anti-Diet Vegan Meal Prep

When you think "meal prep" does something specific come to mind? The truth is meal prep just means preparing food ahead of time. There are no rules about what that needs to look like! You don't have to: Prep a week's worth of food at once Use fancy matching containers Measure your ... READ the POST

Hunger and Fullness with an Eating Disorder

This post was written by Jessica Steinbach, MPH, RD. The hunger/fullness scale is a commonly used intuitive eating tool that is intended to help folks connect to their internal cues related to hunger and satiety. This tool can be complicated for those recovering from an eating disorder, ... READ the POST

How to Incorporate Movement During Eating Disorder Recovery

This post was written by Jessica Steinbach, MPH, RD. Incorporating movement into your life while in recovery from an eating disorder can be complex and overwhelming to navigate. This blog post will help you develop a better understanding of what joyful movement is and when it is appropriate ... READ the POST

7 Reasons to Scrap the Scale

Do you feel dread when you think about stepping on a scale? Does seeing how much you weigh impact your mood for the rest of the day? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of people have a complicated relationship with their body and weighing themselves only makes it worse! Consider these reasons why it’s ... READ the POST

Want to Get Healthy? Here’s What to Focus on Instead of Weight Loss

So, you care about your health? Neat! I’m a registered dietitian and I’m here to help you take care of your health without focusing on your weight. Unfortunately, we’ve been misled into believing that thin equals healthy and that fat equals unhealthy and that we need to do whatever it takes to get ... READ the POST

10 Lessons and Milestones in My Second Year as a Full-Time Nutrition Business Owner

Since running a nutrition business full-time and getting loads of questions about it, I am sharing yearly updates and insights!  This summer marks two years since I quit my day job and dedicated my working time to my private practice. Prior to that I had been seeing a small caseload of folks on ... READ the POST