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About Taylor Wolfram

Taylor is sitting outside in a chair and smiling at the cameraHi there, I’m Taylor (she/her/hers)! I am a registered dietitian and Certified Befriending Your Body Teacher who uses an anti-diet, weight-inclusive approach, which means I don’t view weight as a measure of health and I don’t put people on weight loss diets. 

I have expertise in vegan nutrition and love helping vegans nourish themselves without feeling restricted or obsessed about food, and I also work with non-vegans. We never pressure anyone to go vegan. We’re very inclusive over here!

I take a slow-and-steady approach in my work and love digging in, getting curious, and identifying what’s most effective for each client and their body.

When you work with me, you are in the driver’s seat, with me alongside you to provide the level of guidance and support that works best for you. I empower you to remember that you are the expert of your body.

I love helping clients connect with and befriend their bodies, cultivate a peaceful relationship with food, and learn to better nourish and care for themselves through embodiment and self-compassion.

I also believe that:

  • We can all re-learn how to be intuitive eaters. If you’ve tried before and felt frustrated — know that it’s a process and takes practice. Many of us have spent years (if not decades) in a disastrous diet cycle, feeling at war with our bodies. Of course it’s going to take time to unlearn that!
  • It’s normal to desire thinness in a culture that has conditioned us to believe that thin = beautiful and healthy. Approaching that desire with curiosity and compassion, rather than shame and judgment, is part of paving the path for a more peaceful relationship with your body. 
  • Every body deserves respect. Every body is valuable. Whether you are fat or thin, trans or cis, disabled or abled-bodied, queer or straight, I see your worth and dignity. You deserve respectful, compassionate care.
  • We don’t have to love the way our bodies look in order to take care of them. In fact, when we have motivations not related to our appearance, we are more likely to establish long-term, truly healthy habits.
  • There is a lot of power in connecting with our bodies and learning how to regulate our nervous systems. And sometimes it feels unsafe or challenging to be in our bodies. I am a Certified Befriending Your Body Teacher and help people learn about their nervous system, interoceptive awareness, how to begin connecting with their bodies in a safe and accessible way, and ultimately how to build self-compassion. 
  • Food and body image struggles run deep. We can’t just flip a switch and change the way we think, but we can practice making decisions from a place of self-care rather than self-criticism. Each self-compassionate choice builds trust between you and your body.
  • Liberation for everyone is imperative to dismantling diet culture. 

I’ve cultivated these beliefs over years of learning not just about nutrition and healthcare, but also through ongoing education about systems of oppression, social justice and activism. 

Our nutrition practice holds consistent anti-oppression as our core value, which means we understand that all oppression is linked, and that no one is free until everyone is free. This is why we are anti-racist, fat-positive, trans-inclusive, vegan registered dietitians.

Since becoming an RD, I have received additional training in vegan and vegetarian nutrition, body image, eating disorders, digestive disorders, gender diverse populations, embodiment, feminism, anti-racism, and more. I am committed to lifelong learning and invest in numerous training programs and clinical supervision each year.

Certified Befriending Your Body Teacher

Human First:

When I’m not working, I love to play with my daughter, practice yoga, cuddle with my cats, go for walks in my neighborhood, cook yummy vegan meals, try my hand at vegetable gardening, participate in local social justice groups, visit with friends and family, read (from my never-ending stack of nutrition and social justice books or a fiction book from the library!), and travel to beautiful destinations with my husband for hiking and camping. You can follow along on Instagram @taylorwolframrd

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Taylor works with adults who are interested in ditching diet mentality, reconnecting with their bodies and learning to trust their inner wisdom. Taylor is in-network with BCBS PPO and is out-of-network with all other insurance plans.

Media Bio:
Taylor Wolfram, MS, RDN, LDN, is the owner of Taylor Wolfram LLC, a weight-inclusive nutrition therapy practice. She specializes in plant-based nutrition and created the Anti-Diet Vegan Nutrition Online Course. She is a Certified Befriending Your Body Teacher, and received a BS in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University and a MS in Family & Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics from Illinois State University.